Recommended Reading

Blogs & Websites

The Adam Smith Institute

A punchy daily blog & less frequent longer pieces


The Institute of Economic Affairs

Weightier but less frequent blog posts. Anything by Ryan Bourne, Kristian Niemietz or Len Shackleton is invariably quality. Also features sporadic longer reports.


The Independent Whig

Quality. Written by a Big Deal using a pen name



good mix of writers and wide range of topics



Regular and amusing pieces centred on UK politics, featuring the very good Ian Martin


Frederick Bastiat

The only Frenchman ever to understand economics?



Waking up with Sam Harris

Some of the episodes are conversations with interesting people, some of them are monologues.

Topics include science, technology, religion, morality, and psychology – all from the humanist/naturalist point of view.

His style is intense, inquisitive and with a laser-like precision using a very impressive vocabulary.

Once you’ve experienced these, many TED talks can seem boring, lightweight and wishy-washy in comparison.



Below I list some books which have influenced me. If you’ve already read some of them, I suspect you’ll have detected their echoes in some of my posts. I have tried to categorise them by theme.

Psychology, Cognitive Biases & Behavioural Economics:

Thinking Fast & Slow – Daniel Kahnemann

Irrationality – Stuart Sutherland

Why We Bite the Invisible Hand – Peter Foster

The God Delusion –  Richard Dawkins


Economics & Human Evolution:

Second Nature – Haim Ofek


Political Philosophy:

The Road to Serfdom – F.A. Hayek

The fatal conceit – F.A. Hayek

The Open Society and its Enemies (Volumes I & II) – Karl Popper

Heavy going, but majestic.

Capitalism and Freedom – Milton Friedman

The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith

Don’t read the whole thing – the good bits are infrequent and the rest is too dry. Make sure you’ve read a synopsis and are familiar with the best bits, which are essential



The (mis)behaviour of Markets – Benoit B Mandelbrot

Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

When Genius Failed – Roger Lowenstein

This Time is Different – Reinhart & Rogoff

The Big Short – Michael Lewis



The Rise and Fall of Communism – Archie Brown

How We Invented Freedom and Why It Matters – Dan Hannan

The Ascent of Money – Niall Ferguson